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Free Samples Waterproof Self-Adhesive Anti Slip Tape

Based on PVC/PET/PEVA/PU film and quartz/Emery/aluminium oxide sand coated with acrylic glue.

  • AST-60
  • 3919909000
  • free provided
  • solvent/water acrylic
  • 3-5 days
  • 36 grips,46 grips,60 grips,80 grips
  • PVC , PET , PEVA , PU

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Anti Slip Tapes are very hotsell products which are popular in many countries . There are very kinds about anti slip tape .Its useful for floor ,steps , and bathroom . Some anti slip tapes can also be used in the dark .  

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1. Anti slip tape is based on PVC / PET / PEVA / PU film and quartz/Emery/aluminium oxide sand coated with acrylic glue. The Self-adhesive anti slip tape is soft, easy tear, and can be excellently adhered to different surfaces. There are many colors like black, yellow, white, blue, grey, red, brown, fluorescent, transparent, luminous, black/yellow and glow in the dark tape. And the size is 2.5cm*5m, 5cm*3m, 5cm*5m, 5cm*10m, 5cm*20y or as your request.

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2. Anti slip tape with glowing strip is our another kind. Its based on PET film, then covered with carborundum grit, the middle combined with glowing strip. Coated with solvent acrylic glue, covered with silicon release paper. The glow in the dark tape has high tensile strength, rigidity and hardness, which is waterproof, has good chemical stability.


3. Bathtub anti slip tape is based on PEVA film coated with solvent adhesive which is Soft, environmental, good elasticity, resistance to chemical corrosion. It is available in following colors: black, grey, white, transparent. We also can die cut it to different sizes and shapes.

After buying anti slip tape, how to install anti slip tape? Please following it:

1.Preparing the appropriate tools: Rubber hammer; Rubber roller; Scissors; Hair dryer; Rag;
2. Cutting the tape into the corresponding length for the standby application;
3.Cutting the right angle of the tape into rounded corners and it can increase the service life;
4.Cleaning the ground and keep it thoroughly dry; 
5.Removing the release paper and paste it on the ground directly;It must be pasted neatly and the best is once forming;
6.It need to be heated with a hairdryer when the temperature is below 20 degrees and use a rubber roller to discharge air;
7.Using a rubber hammer to tap the corner position and make sure it is pasted firmly;
8.Emptying out the gap of the ceramic tile(Remember: Do not stick the tape to the gap of the tile directly);
9. Don’t touch the liquid and don’t remove it within 24 hours.

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The self-adhesive anti slip tape has strong adhesion, durable viscosity, good tensile strength; Anti slip, Water proof, heat resistant and antifreezing.

self-adhesive anti slip tape is also no discoloration, easy to tear, Environmental protection. 


As anti slip tape is used for general applications, it is perfect for use in domestic or commercial environments. Anti slip tape can be used for additional slip protection on steps, to covering entire walkways. skateboards, scooters, treadmills, fitness equipment, machine tools, printing machine,the foot pedal and the channel, stepped on the bus;

2. Place:kindergartens, schools, swimming pools, homes for the elderly, stations, subway stations, ports, hotels, clubs, kitchens, bathrooms, sports, fitness and recreation rooms, entrances and pedestrian ramps, freight yard, working area and decks, and other places.

3. The self-adhesive anti slip tape can also be used for recreation and tour buses, boats, trailers, trucks, planes on a hanging ladder, large or small power equipment.

4.  PEVA anti slip tape is widely used in anti-skidding places which are objects cause of humidity like bathroom, bathtub, swimming pool; skidding, viscous oil or special protecting.

With quick application, anti slip tape require no downtime to apply. Clean the surface area, and then you can peel off the backing liner, and stick it down. Once applied, they are ready for use immediately. For more detailed instructions on the application of anti slip tape, you can contact us.

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 Self-Adhesive Anti Slip Tape

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 Self-Adhesive Anti Slip Tape

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Q:Can you make other sizes and packages for this product?
A:Yes, we can make other sizes as your requirement, normally our quotation will contain the common package. If you need your own packages, you’d better advise your requirement ahead of time for an accurate quote. 
Q:What is your Policy for the quality problems?
A:After our products are confirmed have quality problems, we are agreed to return all of your money.
Q:Will you accept us to visit you?
A:Warmly welcome, we are near to Shanghai city, so it’s very convenient to reach.
1.Professional adhesive tapes manufacturer for almost 10 years.
2.Alibaba assessed Gold Supplier
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