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Have You Used Skateboard Grip Tape?

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Skateboard grip tape is belongs to anti slip tape.The particles are made of silicon carbide. Its high-strength,cross-linked about plastic film on climate change. It is one of the hardest substances until now .The pressure-sensitive adhesive is  strong, fast bonding, and can be attached to many excellent easy attachment surface. In addition ,the particle is not only the common silicon carbide, but also can be emery, quartz sand and alumina. The life is different in different materials . About the skateboard grip tape,the common materials is based of PET film with 36 or 46 sand.

skateboard grip tape
About us,we can produce many types of anti slip tape , like floor anti slip tape , skateboard grip tape,luminous anti slip tape , bath tub anti slip tape , printed anti slip tape , deck anti slip tape , reflective anti slip tape .
We have produced non slip tape for many years and have a professional design team . The custom skateboard skid tape is more popular in many countries and regions. Its very popular and welcomed by customers. In order to increase market share, Our company is going on  promotions ; free to help customers design , discount for printing costs, welcome new and old customers to patronize.


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