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How to Check The Quality of Double Sided Adhesive Tape

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1. Check whether there are cracks on the double-sided tape

When the double-sidedadhesive tape is slit, if the slitting cutter is improperly adjusted or the cutting edge is not sharp enough, cracks will appear on the surface of double-sided adhesive tape or the base paper, and the fibers pulled out from the cracks will be stuck by the adhesive. The occurrence of cracks may be continuous or random, so be sure to carefully inspect the bottom and face paper for small cracks before machining on double sided adhesive tape.

2. Check whether the double-sided adhesive tapes have burrs

The edge of reel double-sided adhesive tape is clean and no damage, which is to ensure the quality of double-sided adhesive tape, so before processing, we must carefully check whether the edge of double sided adhesive tape have burrs, whether there is damage due to improper storage and transportation.  And rolling the double-sided adhesive tape 4-5 turns to carefully check the slitting edge.

3, check whether the edge of the double-sided tape is stuck, whether the bottom paper is coated with silicon

The edge of the double-sided adhesive tape or the bottom paper is partially coated with silicone oil, which will cause the paper to break when discharged and cannot be produced normally.

4. Check whether the slitting end face of the double-sided adhesive tape is straight and the rewinding is uniform.

If the slitting end face of the double-sided adhesive tape is not uniform, it will not only affect the registration at the time of processing, but also cause difficulty in waste disposal due to the change of the die cutting position; the inconsistent elasticity during rewinding will cause a change in the paper force during printing. Uneven tension can also cause print quality problems. 



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