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Precautions of Using Glow In The Dark Tape:

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Precautions of Using Glow In The Dark Tape:

Glow in the dark films are industrial products made of rare earth activation and alkaline earth aluminates. they have good printability and computer scoring performance.

1, Should be applied on a flat surface, construction temperature should be 10 ~ 40 .

 2. The glow in the dark tape can be cut into various shapes and attached directly to some place ( e.g. telephone, switch, etc. ) for decoration and indication.

 3, Screen printing patterns, characters and other methods on the surface of the glow in the dark luminescent film to form a bottom lining to emit light.

 4. When sticking to the surface of an object, the surface of the object should be cleaned first, and there should be no oil stain, dust, etc. on the surface.

 5. The glow in the dark luminescent film has certain thermal expansion and cold contraction. the sliced glow in the dark luminescent film cannot be placed at will. it should be clamped or pressed by heavy objects to prevent deformation and curling.

 6. when in use, remove the release paper on the back of the glow in the dark luminescent film, apply the glow in the dark luminescent film to the surface of the treated object with a certain pressure level off, and pay attention to the good adhesion at the corners.

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