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The Features of Wire Harness Tape

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The wire harness tape is based on high-strength polyester fiber cloth, coated with special acrylic adhesive. It is high and low temperature resistant. The wire harness tape is mainly used for winding wire harnesses in high-temperature resistant parts near automobile engines, it can withstand high temperatures of 150 °C in short-term. In addition, polyester cloth can resist corrosion of various solvent media, it is wear resistance, high life, high media stability. The wire harness tape is used for automotive wiring harness wrapping, it is strong adhesion, corrosion resistance, suppleness, low temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, stable high temperature performance! High temperature does not melt, low temperature is not hard, easy to operate, excellent anti-fouling, anti-aging ability, and it also has a certain sound reduction effect! The wire harness tape can be used for winding insulation and protection after modification of the engine compartment and the wiring harness of the adapter.

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