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The Introduction of The Grade of Reflective Film

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Reflective film is an essential reflective material for the production of traffic signs, license plates, signage, guide signs and other reflective signs and transportation facilities. This reflective material uses optical principles to retroreflect light back to the light source for light reflection, It is usually composed of thin film layer with good weatherability, micro glass beads layer, focusing layer, reflective layer, adhesive layer and peeling layer. Currently, reflective film on the market can be divided into the following three types depending on the performance: diamond grade reflective film, high-strength grade reflective film and advertising grade reflective film.      

1. Advertising grade reflective film has been successfully used to make traffic signs. At present, there is still a certain application in areas with small traffic and low-velocity motor vehicles.

2. High strength grade reflective film. High-strength grade reflective film is a durable sealed reflective film. It is also the most widely used reflective material. Even if the sign is in a larger angle and in a bright area, high-strength grade reflective film makes the logo clearly visible and effectively inform the driver of the dangerous situation in front of the road.

3. Diamond grade reflective film. Its reflective principle is different from that of glass beads used in engineering grade and high-strength grade reflective films. Instead, it uses the latest technology in microcrystalline cube reflection. Comparison of diamond grade reflective films made of wear-resistant, high-density polycarbonate and microcrystalline cube technology with traditional engineered and high-strength grade reflective films, its reflective performance not only increases exponentially, but also its wide-angle performance is greatly improved.


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