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The Reasons For The Decrease Of Stickiness Of The Adhesive Tape

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The Adhesive tape is often used in our lives, after a long time, the adhesive tape is not able to maintain the original viscosity. Such as:

 adhesive tape.jpg

1. If the tape was set aside for a long time it will be damp, the stickiness of the adhesive tape will be greatly reduced;
2. The stickiness of adhesive tape is affected by temperature, when the low temperature reaches a certain level, the stickiness of adhesive tape is not strong as the original.

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The most adhesive tape which is used in the industrial can withstand high temperatures. Now there are variety of high temperature tape on the market, most can be suitable for industrial use. For example, it is very popular in the construction industry and electronic production area. Kunshan Yuhuan Package Materials Co., Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of high-viscose tape. Our hot products are anti slip tape, duct tape, aluminum foil tape, camouflage tape, acrylic foam tape, reflective tape and glow in the dark tape, etc.


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