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What Is Transparent Acrylic Foam Tape?

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About the transparent acrylic foam tape,it is based on acrylic foam with super acrylic (acrylic) as the bonding agent,using the release film(red PE film) or the release paper to protect the surface.It has strong adhesion and high tensile properties,and resistance to vibration and impact resistant ability is very strong.Transparent acrylic foam tape can be applied to the Body side molding and pasting markers,small die-cutting products (external decoration),as well as paste industrial supplies and daily necessities.The common thickness of transparent acrylic foam tape is 1mm thickness.

foam tape 01
The features of transparent acrylic foam tape:
a.It is with waterproof,shockproof,heat resistant,sound insulation,strong adhesion,weather resistance,good dimensional stability;Good adhesion to plastic,metal,wood,paper,silicone,plastic and other difficult to paste surface;It has high peel strength and strong initial tack;
b.It has high adhesion and good adhesion persistence in the high and low temperature environment;Excellent adhesion to both high surface energy and low surface energy materials;
c.Anti-chemical solvents,resistant to moisture,anti-UV and with good shape.

foam tape 1
The application of transparent acrylic foam tape:
a.Rust proof and air-proof of the glass curtain wall and assembly;
b.For building operations such as heat insulation,connection,bundling,amendment,sealing and signs;
c.The processing and assembly of electronic and digital products, home appliance;The adhesion of advertisement board,LED plate;

d.Used in automobile:Article rubbing strip, decoration, bumper anti-collision plate, nameplate, signs, pedals, interior panels, motorcycle brand mark letter paste, etc.


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