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Where Can Aluminum Foil Tape Be Used For?

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Aluminum foil tape is made of high-strength aluminum foil,coated with high adhesive force,high initial viscosity rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive.Its matched with the glass wool duct and galvanized iron pipe system which can provide excellent water vapor tightness.The soft metal foil also fits well on rounded and irregular surfaces.

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The aluminum foil tape is suitable for refrigeration,such as indoor air-conditioning pipes,refrigerators,water heaters,the roof waterproofing, temporary pipeline sealing,heat pipe encapsulation,flue sealing,automobile air conditioning,automobile exhaust pipe mending leakage insulation,stone cotton,motorcycle exhaust pipe,car air conditioning, cabinets around the seal.It can also be used in repairing home pot,bowls, trapping roof,sealing door and window,water heaters,range hoods, bundled fixed air-conditioning pipe,kitchen oil isolation,metal products repair,emergency repair,anti-rust.The aluminum foil tape can also be attached to the back of the apron,made of an anti-electromagnetic radiation aprons,in the use of induction cooker,microwave cooking to wear,to protect their body from electromagnetic radiation.

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