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Why Do We Need To Use The Anti Slip Tape?

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In today's rapidly developing society,it is an increasing proportion in accidents at work and home because of damage related to the slip.These accidents cause expensive medical problems,moving with difficulty for a long time,claims and insurance costs.According to the report of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration,OSHA:Death caused by slipping and wrestling accounted for 15% of all accident deaths,second only to the first motor vehicle accident.And according to the report of Bureau of Labor Statistics,BLS:Every year there are 20.000 medical workers slip and wrestle on the pavement of medical treatment unit. Only in North America,the annual cost of slipping injuries is more than $ 1 billion.In England,for employees, the most common non-fatal injuries are mainly slipping and wrestling.The European Foundation lists slipping and wrestling as the second most common cause of personal injury in eight European countries.So we need the anti slip tape to help us to get rid of the dangerous of slipping.Our company is professional anti slip tape manufacturer,weve been working on the quality of your life and your safety walking.
Anti slip tape is made of PVC and durable quartz sand particles which are implanted in the intense,cross-linking,weather proof plastic film on climate is the hardest substances so far with pressure-sensitive and quickly bonded,and can excellently adhered to the surface which is hard to adhered.And we have different kinds of non slip tape which includes PVC anti slip tape,PET anti slip tape,fluorescent non-slip tape,glow in the dark anti slip tape,anti slip tape with glowing strip,PEVA anti slip tape,skateboard grip tape and so on.

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The application of anti slip tape is very widely.The usage is as,scooters,treadmills,fitness equipment,machine tools, printing machine, the foot pedal and the channel,stepped on the bus;2.Place:kindergartens,schools, swimming pools,home for the elderly,stations,subway stations,subway stations,ports,hotels,clubs, kitchens,bathrooms,sports,fitness and recreation rooms,entrances and pedestrian ramps,freight yard,working area and decks,and other place;3.can also be used for recreation and tour buses,boats, trailers,trucks,planes on a hanging ladder,large or small power equipment.


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