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10 uses for Reflective tape

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Reflective tape has a wide range of uses, including highway, aviation, railroad, shipping, car license plates and other fields, made of its traffic signs at night under the light, can reflect a bright and clear light, so that he can make the staff or other people can see the safety warning or ban signs, to ensure traffic safety has a growing role. In addition, in recent years, it has been used more and more widely in public works boards, billboards, street signs, road signs, etc.

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1: Reflective tape in the application of highway traffic signs: different levels of highways, according to the design of different speeds, the use of different levels of reflective tape signage, usually designed for faster roads (such as highways, fast arteries, primary highways, etc.) specify the use of reflective tape with a high retroreflective coefficient, reflective brightness: recently some economically developed areas of the city roads are also designated to use high-level Reflective tape production road signs, both beautiful and improve the safety performance: usually designed for slower roads (such as provincial roads, national highways) are used in the level of reflective tape more; and some temporary signs, usually use low-level reflective tape.

2: Reflective tape in the application of car license plate: now in the vehicle number plate, the production process: in the aluminum plate paste good flexibility reflective tape (usually use license plate level reflective tape), the use of special machines to stamp out the number, and then screen printing color on the number, such as the plate for the yellow background black, then use the yellow reflective tape screen printing black ink, the process out of the plate for the word not reflective plate Reflective, usually after a period of time, often appear ink off, the whole plate into a color

3:Reflective tape in the application of body marking: according to the relevant provisions is made of reflective tape screen printing; the relevant departments of various countries mandatory provisions, to reach or exceed a certain weight of the truck, the body must use reflectors to show the vehicle outline; transport of dangerous chemicals in the vehicle must be pasted by reflective materials made of special signs.

4:The application of reflective tape in other fields:

(1), body stickers

(2). Equipment and safety signage

(3)Production of signage, road signs, factory signage system, door numbers

(4). Advertising and industry signage

(5). Public welfare signage

(6). Other more applications

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the demand for personalization has increased sharply, and the awareness of safety has been increasing, the application area of reflective tape has become more and more extensive. If you also need to order, you must choose the right reflective tape according to the requirements of your application area on the reflective coefficient. If you don't know how to choose, just click the link below and contact with Kunshan Yuhuan online, our professional technicians will give you the answer.

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