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5 Things to Know About High Temperature Masking Tape

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High temperature masking tape is a tape used in many industries in everyday life. It has high temperature resistance, good resistance to chemical solvents, high adhesion, softness and no residual adhesive left behind. So what are the precautions during the use of high temperature tape? The following is a detailed introduction to this problem.


  First, the object to be stuck should be kept dry and clean.

  In order to make the sticky on better, need to pay attention to is to keep the sticky material dry and clean, otherwise it will affect the tape and the effect of sticky, so before sticking should do the job is to do a good job of cleaning.

  Second, apply a certain force.

  In order to stick more firmly, before using in order to make the tape and the sticky object to get a good combination, we should exert a certain force when sticking, so that can be more solid.

  Three, as soon as possible to peel off the tape.

  After the completion of the use of the function to peel off the tape as soon as possible, so you can avoid the phenomenon of residual glue, so in the use of the previous should pay attention to is as soon as possible to peel off the tape.

  Four, to avoid sunlight exposure.

  For the use of this beauty tape during the need to pay attention to is to avoid sunlight, so that you can avoid the phenomenon of residual glue, for this note must be more attention and understanding.

  Five, different environments and different stickies.

  The same tape used in different environments and different stickies will show different results, the tape can be used for the occasion of glass. Metal, plastic, etc., in these occasions before using a large number of use is recommended to try.

  On the use of high temperature masking tape during what are the precautions to introduce you to these, I hope you can help, only after paying attention to these matters, you can stick better and more firmly, play the role of tape.

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