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Advertising-grade inkjet reflective tape

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The advertising-grade inkjet reflective tape is made of PVC polymer material, which is clean and tidy, and has strong ink absorption. It can be directly printed. This product is often used for signs, house numbers, advertisements, reflective trademarks, etc. The service life of PVC is three years, and the choice of colors is also very wide.

Compared with traditional reflective tapes, advertising-grade reflective tapes for inkjet printing have stronger reflective intensity, longer visible distance and higher visibility. And because the surface of this product is a polymer material with good ink absorption like PVC, it solves the problem that ordinary reflective tape has always been difficult to print, and it also has the tensile strength and toughness that ordinary materials do not have. The reflective inkjet cloth used in the advertising-grade inkjet reflective tape has the advantages of energy saving, convenient use and easy maintenance. At the same time, it also has the same characteristics as the light box inkjet cloth that can be directly installed on the light box rack without other supports, so it has become the main substitute for the light box inkjet cloth, and will replace most of the light box inkjet cloth in the future.

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Advertising-grade inkjet reflective tape is mainly used for building construction frame advertisements, light boxes, body advertisements, temporary construction signs, road signs, road cones, and body reflective signs. Kunshan Yuhuan Package Materials Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the production and sales of reflective tape for many years, and has a good reputation. Come and consult us!

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