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All You Need To Know About Anti Slip Tape

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Anti slip tape is very hot, did you know that it can be made into rolls, sheets, custom punching, custom printing, etc., even with luminescent effect, you want everything. At present, the domestic application is mainly in industrial use, but many foreign public places have been in common use! Want to fully understand, let's take a look at it together next!


What is anti slip tape?

Made of hard and durable silicon carbide particles. These particles are implanted in a high-strength, cross-linked and weather-resistant plastic film, which is by far one of the hardest materials known. When used, the tape is pressure sensitive and has strong adhesive properties. It adheres quickly to many surfaces that are not easily adhered to.

II. Performance indicators mainly include.

Product performance requirements: fitting environment, service life, wear resistance, etc.; use requirements determine the performance indicators that must be achieved by the tape, and the region mainly determines the ambient temperature, use habits, environmental protection requirements, etc. Customers in various countries need to understand the product use environment in order to provide customers with corresponding products.

Three, the characteristics of anti-slip tape

1、Fabric type.

Standard non-slip type

2、Strengthened anti-slip type.

Comfortable non-slip type

4, easy to clean.

2、Sticky surface.

Suitable for adhering to the surface of ceramics, cement, wood, paint, plastic, rubber, metal, glass and other organic materials.

3、Appearance color.

Black, medium gray, big date red, orange, treasure blue, black and yellow, red and white, transparent, reflective, night lighting, etc., can also be fixed according to customer requirements and printing patterns.

4、Product mix.

Surface: selection of anti-slip fiber, rubber and plastic anti-slip fiber, no sand special anti-slip material ;

5、Substrate material: PVC, PET, PEVA, aluminum oxide

IV. Application scope ( various types of anti-slip tape in indoor and outdoor are available ): 1.

1. PET (stronger and environmentally friendly), PVC (cheap but convenient for printing), PEVA (environmentally friendly and convenient for printing) ---- recommended to be applied to flat or curved surfaces for anti-slip taping.

2. Aluminum substrate ---- is recommended for application on concave and convex irregular surfaces.

3. Tensile fiber substrate ---- is recommended for application on treadmill or inclined conveyor belt.

4. Anti-slip tapes with glow-in-the-dark and fluorescent ---- are recommended for stair safety access in buildings and high-rise buildings.

Of course because of the different substrate materials and thickness of anti-slip tape, the strength and wear resistance of the products are different. On the anti slip tape is introduced to this side, anti-slip tape variety, the scope of application is also very wide, according to their own needs to select.

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