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All You Need To Know To Select Anti Slip Tape?

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When you buy a batch of anti slip tape, but encounter poor quality, easy to drop sand, a pull on the break, tear off a large number of residual glue, easy to edge and other problems, if you are for the quality requirements, then you will be very dissatisfied, not only affect the work effect, but also a very waste of time. In order to avoid you encountering similar situations again, the next step is to learn together with Kunshan Yuhuan.

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Tips for choosing anti slip tape are as follows.

1, Anti slip tape surface quality directly determines the durability of the anti slip tape. After the sand particles on the surface fall off, the anti slip tape will have no effect, so this is crucial. When choosing, you can choose a manufacturer who offers samples and try them out before placing an order.

2, When you need to keep your family members safe from slipping in the bathroom or bath, you can choose anti slip tape made of PEVA, which has a skin-friendly three-dimensional dark surface, soft material, no odour, will not rub the skin, and also has waterproof characteristics, easy to clean, very suitable for the bathroom or bath.  

3, Aluminium foil anti slip tape, is based on aluminium foil, the surface of the sand, for indoor and outdoor uneven ground. The good flexibility of the metal allows for better adhesion to the ground and ensures its use.

4、If you need to choose one with a warning effect, you can choose the black and yellow anti slip tape. Other colours are available in a choice of colours or colourless depending on the ground.

You may also be concerned about how long such a thin piece of non slip tape will last. Of course, if you want your non slip tape to last, you also need to take care of it properly.

The following precautions are needed for the maintenance of non-slip tape.

1. Make sure the temperature is right when you use it.    

2, The ground will be clean to keep dry, otherwise easy to fall.    

3, Non slip tape with the adhesive side do not touch, so as not to affect its adhesive.    

4, Sticky after rolling over with a rubber wheel, so that the bond is tight. Otherwise it is also a factor that affects the life span of the anti slip tape.

5, After bonding after 1 hour before use, and do not move at will.

If you are looking for anti slip tape, I hope you can consider these notes, I hope it can help you, if you have any tape related questions want to understand, please do not hesitate to mouse click, contact us immediately.

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