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Anti slip tape price

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There are many kinds of anti slip tape materials, such as PVC substrate, PET substrate, luminous strip anti slip tape, PEVA anti slip tape, diamond anti slip tape, aluminum oxide anti slip tape and so on. The price corresponding to different substrates is also different. If you want to ask whether it is expensive, then what material do you choose.

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The anti-skid tape of PVC base material is currently relatively cheap in the anti-skid series, and the market is also widely used. Of course, it also has its drawbacks. If the material is environmentally friendly, it is recommended to use PET, PEVA, and diamond anti-skid. Several models are made of environmentally friendly materials, and the cost price is relatively high.

If it is required to have a luminous effect at night, we recommend the luminous strip non-slip. If you want to play a warning role, we recommend the black and yellow double-color PVC or PET non-slip, or the reflective strips are non-slip. .

The cost of these substrates is also different. Therefore, when choosing, it is recommended that you do not just look at the price, but choose the right substrate according to your own needs, which is more reasonable and affordable.

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