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Application customization of anti-slip tape for stairs!

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Kunshan Yuhuan anti slip tape can be used in many fields. Mainly used in stairs, steps, etc.

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The custom use of anti slip tape applied to stairs is as follows: 1. Prepare the appropriate tools: rubber hammer, rubber roller, scissors, hair dryer; rag; 2. Cut the anti slip tape to the corresponding length for use; 3. Put the tape Cut at right angles into rounded corners, which can prolong the service life; 4. Clean the ground and keep it dry; 5. Take out the release paper and stick it directly on the ground. It must be pasted neatly, and it is best to form at a time; 6. When the temperature is lower than 20 degrees , You need to use a hair dryer to heat, and use a rubber roller to exhaust the air; 7. Tap the corner position with a rubber hammer to ensure that the paste is firmly; 8. Clear the tile gap (remember: do not stick the tape directly on the tile gap); 9. Do not touch Do not remove the liquid within 24 hours.

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Kunshan Yuhuan anti slip tape is made of PEVA rubber or hard and durable sand (emery sand, quartz sand, etc.). It has strong adhesion, can quickly bond, and adheres well to many difficult-to-attach surfaces. It is not only wear-resistant, but also has a wide variety and bright colors! Help you get rid of the danger of slipping!

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