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Can alien tape be reused? - Nano tape Manufacturer

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Nanotape, also known as gecko tape and magic tape; sold under the name Alien Tape, is a synthetic tape made of a strong adhesive acrylic glue covered with a PE release film. This tape has strong adhesion and flexibility, and can be adhered to the surface of various objects.[Quoted in Wikipedia]

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Alien tape is a clear double-sided tape that is often used in place of rivets and screws because of its excellent adhesive ability to hold photos and inserts, and the use of this tape can reduce damage to walls.

Nano tape is also known as magic tape. In addition to its transparent color and superb adhesion, this tape is also reusable. You can use water to clean the dusty nano tape, and after cleaning can restore 90% of the stickiness, is an environmentally friendly reusable new tape.

Professional manufacturer of nano tape

With 18 years of experience in manufacturing nano tapes, Kunshan Yuhuan has gone through strict 100% testing from raw materials to finished products to ensure that we can provide high quality products.

When you are choosing nano tapes for your work and living place, make sure to choose high quality nano tapes that are transparent, sticky, waterproof and reusable, contact us to give you professional advice.


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