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Cooperated with USA Research Group on EONBON printed PEVA anti-slip strip

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Cooperative partner :   USA Research Group

Cooperative products:  printed PEVA anti-slip strip

Cooperation time    :  March 2021

Cooperation details  :  USA Research Group saw our products through the online platform, and finally decided to contact us after comparing product and platform sales volume. After describing the products they needed,Kunshan Yuhuan Package Materials Co., Ltd. made the proofing of the printed PEVA anti-slip strip at the fastest speed. 

Sample picture:

PEVA anti-slip strip

After receiving the samples, USA Research Group quickly finalized the cooperation with us and ordered 6000 sets of printed PEVA anti-slip strip. They highly praised the quality of our samples and the speed of proofing, and hope that we can maintain the corresponding product quality and delivery speed during the formal cooperation period.

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