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Duct tape for masking

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In the process of house decoration, sheltering is a very important existence. If the shelter is not done well, the mottled walls, dirty doors, windows, and floors will make people want to cry after finishing the decoration. People used to use old newspapers as a cover when decorating, because materials were limited at that time, and old newspapers were the cheapest and easy-to-use material. However, it seems that the rework rate of using newspaper as a mask is too high, and it is easy to see paper, dust, and paint infiltration. Moreover, the use of newspapers is limited by the width and length. When a large area is required, splicing is required. Just sticking the tape at the interface is a big project and is very inconvenient.

So everyone might as well try the combination of duct tape and masking film. First of all, the masking film is clean, impermeable paint, waterproof, and convenient to use. It is mainly used for blocking paint and interior decoration when spraying cars, ships, furniture and other products. It effectively improves production efficiency, saves labor, and improves previous waste. Then there is the duct tape. This tape has a clear texture, strong three-dimensional effect, easy to use, and can be easily torn by hand. Moreover, it has strong adaptability in various environments. It can be easily peeled off without residual glue on both the glass surface and the metal surface. It can easily cope with the concealment of small details of various doors and windows. When covering large areas such as walls and floors, it is simply a magical tool to cooperate with the masking film.

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