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Duct tape-how to use carpet

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Everyone knows that duct tape can be used to fix and stick carpets, so do you know how to stick it on the carpet? Next, let's take a look at the specific usage method!

The duct tape is used to stick the carpet, one is to stick it on the gap between the top and bottom/left and right layers of the carpet to fix the link. The other is to stick it on the edge of the carpet and fix it directly on the ground. These two are the common functions of duct tape.

When you paste the gap between the two carpets, you must first place the two carpets, and then stick the duct tape on the gap between the two carpets. It can be fixed so that it won't move around.

duct tape.jpg

When fixing the carpet to the ground, it is not directly fixing the cloth tape between the two, but a layer of plastic film needs to be laid on the ground to prevent the ground from being wet and the duct tape cannot stick. Then fix the tape to the carpet and fix it to the ground, which is such a simple operation.

The above is about the use of duct tape to stick carpets, is it simple and easy to operate! When choosing, you can choose the color that matches the color of the carpet, so as to get a better visual effect. If you have any other questions, you can also click on the link below to contact Kunshan Yuhuan online.

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