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Duct tape product introduction

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The duct tape uses a composite material of polyethylene and gauze as the base material and is coated with synthetic rubber. It is a widely used tape in the industry. Kunshan Yuhuan Package Materials Co., Ltd. will introduce several of them.

1. Ordinary duct tape

This tape has rich colors, high tensile strength, good waterproof and sealing performance, and is suitable for bundling, packing, carton sealing, marking, book edge sealing, etc.

2. Matte duct tape

The characteristics are good temperature resistance, high adhesion, non-reflective, and are mostly used in photography, exhibitions, packaging, office and other fields.

3. Printed duct tape

Bright color, abrasion resistance, good conformability, and the coating is environmentally friendly hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive, which is used for gift packaging, handmade DIY production, book cover protection, etc.

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4. Camouflage duct tape

Easy to tear, durable, good toughness, good peeling force and tensile strength, suitable for outdoor operations of military fans and photographers, used to entangle tools and equipment, and increase non-slip performance.

5. Double-sided duct tape

High bonding force, good compliance, easy to tear without leaving residue, suitable for carpet fixing and splicing, wall decoration, insole fixing and album.

6. Fluorescent duct tape

Good temperature resistance, high adhesion, waterproof, wear-resistant, bright colors, used in heating, air conditioning, natural gas pipeline sealing, packaging, transportation, office, construction and other fields.

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