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Emergency duct tape

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Duct tape is a product that is very suitable for emergency measures, and it often appears in film and television dramas. This kind of tape has been used in film and television dramas to repair damaged space suits, hatches of Mars bases, bonding protective suits, and so on. Film and television dramas are of course exaggerated, but do you know why the director arranges such a role for duct tape in the drama?

In fact, in reality, duct tape is often used for emergency repairs, such as covering damaged places on car lights, avoiding damage to internal wiring, and temporarily repairing cracks on doors and windows. The reason why duct tape is used for repair is actually because of its strong adhesiveness. This tape is easy to tear, wear-resistant, high tensile strength, water resistance, moisture resistance, and good sealing. It can also be bonded to the surface of various objects and provide excellent adhesion, and in most cases, it will be removed from the surface of the object without leaving any residual glue. Its adhesion is also very good. Irregularly shaped objects can also be pasted. It is also often used in the market for professional construction and repair, as for factory piping packages, wiring bundles and storage. At the same time, duct tape can also be used for packaging and sealing.

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In addition to the maintenance and repair applications described above, duct tape also has many applications in industrial fields that have stricter product requirements. Kunshan Yuhuan Package Materials Co., Ltd. provides high-quality duct tape, welcome to come to inquire.

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