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Features of PVC tape

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The base materials of tape products are divided into many types according to different characteristics, the common ones are PVC, PE, PP, PET, etc., these base materials have their own advantages. One of the main products of Kunshan Yuhuan Package Material Co., Ltd. is anti-slip tape with different materials such as PVC, PET, PEVA, etc. Many customers did not know the characteristics of these substrates when they first bought it. Here are the advantages of PVC-based tape products.

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The natural color of PVC is yellowish translucent, shiny, and its transparency is better than PE, PP and other substrates, but weaker than PS. Different additives can be added to PVC according to different purposes. PVC used as tape substrate is a film made by mixing with additives and plasticizing with a machine. PVC soft products are flexible, sticky, and excellent in electrical insulation. They can be used as low-frequency insulating materials and are the base materials for many insulating tapes and shading tapes.

     Moreover, PVC has stable physical and chemical properties. It is insoluble in water, alcohol, gasoline, and has low gas and water vapor leakage. The cold resistance of soft PVC will increase. Therefore, the applicability of PVC-based tape is very wide. It can withstand relatively harsh environments. Most reflective warning tapes used outdoors can be made of PVC.

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PVC is one of the largest plastic products in the world. It is cheap and widely used. The film made of PVC can be used as the base material of tape, and can also be applied to raincoats, tablecloths, curtains and other products. The excellent electrical insulation and stable physical and chemical properties of the PVC base material also make products based on this material have more functions and uses.


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