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How can the oily ground be slippery?

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Nowadays, in many public places, the stairs and steps are treated with anti slip tape on the surface of the steps, which will greatly reduce accidental slips and falls that cause significant personal injury (death, disability, head injury, broken bones, spinal cord injury, etc.). Long-term medical complications). It is a new type of anti-skid treatment that is very popular at this stage, and it has a wide range of applications. Recently, some customers are looking for ways to improve the slippery areas of greasy areas. How can the oily ground be slip-resistant?

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In fact, greasy ground is also very dangerous. The subjective reason that causes the floor to be slippery is that the anti-slip degree of the floor is not very good, and the second is that the oil stains are mixed on the floor. Many times, anyone will spill on the floor, so the floor will be very slippery. NS. The probability of slipping is greatly increased, so when you enter the greasy area that is prone to slipping, you must wear non-slip shoes. In addition to this method, it is also necessary to choose a non-slip product to solve the problem from the root cause.

Of course, when choosing, it is most important to find a non-slip product that is resistant to oil stains. Anti slip tape is a good choice. It is a self-adhesive tape with a bottom paper and acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. Increase the friction between the upper and the sand to prevent slippage. Even if the surface is oily, it will not weaken its anti-slip performance.

So if you are looking for a way to deal with slippery oily ground, you can choose our anti slip tape, it will be your good helper. They increase traction and help reduce the risk of slips and falls. Provide the most comprehensive protection for you and your loved ones without sacrificing comfort.Anti slip tape will bring more safety, happiness and warmth to your family. The construction is convenient and fast, saves labor, and does not require large-scale construction. If you need it, you can directly click the link below to get in touch with the manufacturer Kunshan Yuhuan online, and professionals will give you more detailed information.

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