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How Do I Make My Shoes Soles Less Slippery?

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Daily life to buy shoes not only pay attention to the value of comfort, of course, there is a non-slip performance, after all, for our life safety is very important, especially on rainy days or in the slippery road, all non-slip shoes or very important. So, what can be posted under the sole of the shoe to prevent slippage?


What can be posted under the sole of the shoe anti-skid

1, Double-sided tape under the sole of the shoe can be anti-skid. Double-sided tape across the sole of the shoe, at least three consecutive stickers. Find some cotton thread, rub it with your hands, rub it into a slightly thicker cotton line, and then follow the double-sided adhesive glued to the top, all to be stained on it.

2, Rubbing the sole with sandpaper, the main principle is to rub the sole is not smooth, increase the friction between the sole and the ground.

3, with raw potatoes friction sole, the main principle is that raw potatoes are rich in starch, and with raw potatoes friction sole, the starch in the sole, to achieve the effect of non-slip.

4, With a knife to scratch the sole method, the advantage of this method is that the anti-slip performance is very good, compared to the first and second method effect is obviously much better. But his shortcomings are also obvious, that is, the degree of damage to the shoes is larger.

5. And you can also buy anti slip tape online, first of all, the sole of the high heels face up, wipe clean, keep the sole dry; according to the shape of the sole, cut a small piece of triangular anti-slip tape can be; sticky surface stick in the middle of the shoe's foot, if you can, it is best to cut a small piece of the bottom of the heel size of the anti-slip tape stick in the heel, to better play the role of anti-slip.

Shoe slip and what is related

Shoes slip with the production of shoes related to the material, there are some materials do not have any slip resistance, therefore, the production of shoes to wear after encountering water is particularly slippery, and walking is also particularly inconvenient easy to fall phenomenon occurs, so that people are also very distressed. In addition, also the sole teeth pattern related. Generally speaking, the thick horizontal tooth pattern is more slip-resistant than the small vertical tooth pattern.

What is the most non-slip sole material

1, PU soles: slip resistance is very poor, the only benefit is very light, light to miserable, feel the feet did not wear the same.

2, TPR sole: slip resistance and PU are very poor, but the sole than PU to be more durable, not like PU such as low temperature broken gang phenomenon.

3, leather outsole: slip-resistant effect is also relatively slag, compared to the TPR sole, its only benefit is high-grade.

4, foam outsole: anti-slip effect is relatively PU, TPR a good grade, hard.

5, rubber outsole: anti-slip effect has been considered a relatively good material, the disadvantage is heavy.

6, raw rubber outsole: anti-slip effect is perfect, but the pattern, thickness are less, and the material is special, will become hard when cold.

The above is the solution to the problem of how to make my soles less slippery, you can choose the right way according to your own needs, I hope it can help you, any questions about anti-slip, you can contact us online, we will provide you with professional answers.

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