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How do remove reflective tape?

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When the car meets the big car, the traffic accident between the car and the taxi is fatal. According to research, the addition of a reflective tape to the body can reduce rear-end collision crashes by 41% and side collision crashes by 37%. The use of body reflective stickers can reduce the probability of major traffic accidents. When driving, drivers safely make judgments based on what they see. For fast-moving vehicles, vehicles with reflective tape can provide better visual information and help drivers make more accurate judgments.

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It is also the most effective way to avoid chasing car accidents and improve the visibility of vehicles, so as to proactively prevent traffic accidents, which is the most serious and extremely large embedded traffic accident. But many people are left with residual glue when they worry about removing the tape, so how to remove it correctly.

How to remove reflective tape?

Some types of reflective film are easier to remove than others. However, the process of removing them is the same.

1. Use a hair dryer or heat gun to heat the reflective tape. If you use a heat gun, be careful not to use too much heat, so as not to damage the aluminum plate/body. While you are heating up, try to gently tear off the reflective film. Some reflective films will fall off cleanly, and some will break into pieces.

2. You can also use a utility knife to scrape, but be careful not to scratch the aluminum plate/body. If you use a utility blade, I suggest you lubricate the area to be shaved off with lubricating oil. After the reflective tape is removed, use an adhesive cleaner to clean the remaining glue. After standing for a few minutes, scrape the dissolved glue with a spatula. Finally, wipe off all residues and wash the aluminum plate/body with soap and water or other cleaning agents.

The above is the removal method of reflective tape. We hope it will be helpful to you. The correct removal method will not damage the aluminum plate/vehicle.

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