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How Do You Apply Grip Tape?

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About the status of grip tape in skateboarding, it is an insignificant but essential part. The most important thing is to increase the friction so that you can fit better when doing the brushboard action, the so-called "sticky feet" is because of the magic of grip tape.


The second thing is that when you are skating, you will not fall down. Imagine skating on a bare board, it is very likely to fall because the center of gravity is shifted.

The last thing is for aesthetics, a grip tape pattern is aesthetically pleasing to reflect a skater's taste and style.

Some people like pink, some people like small fresh, and some people will find us custom grip tape for their favorite pattern, while most people like simple black sand.

The following is a 6-step process of grip tape for light speed -

Step 1

Tear grip tape

If it is a new board surface can happily skip this step for the time being, the old board surface please look over it.

① Under the bracket, pay attention to the skateboard to remove the board surface, pay attention to distinguish between the front and rear bridge, pay attention to distinguish between the front and rear bridge, pay attention to distinguish between the front and rear bridge. (If you install the board, the front and rear bridge installed backwards, will affect the move)

② From the head / tail of the board with a knife to the side of the key up a little, it is best to key up the entire semicircle a circle, so that even if a piece of tear, other locations can continue to tear.

③ Blowing with a hair dryer to melt the glue on the back of the grip tape, then step on the board with your foot and you can tear it! (Powerful miracle)

④ Use a razor blade or hobby knife to clean up the residual grip tape shreds

Pay attention to safety, careful knife

Step 2

paste is the

Tools: scissors -- the right length of grip tape

① Tear off the grip tape stickers, if the grip tape has a pattern, you need to identify the front and back of the board, or as you like it

②Two hands thumb and index finger to grab the middle of the head and tail of the grip tape, middle finger against the middle of the head and tail of the board, the upper and lower alignment. (The first time it is easy to paste crooked)

Align the middle of the head and tail of the board with the middle of the grip tape

③Start from one side first, or paste from the middle to both ends (this can prevent air bubbles)

④Paste while shooting, and keep going down in this direction

⑤ Foot sockets are most likely to have air bubbles, paste the board with both hands to pat the surface, so that the grip tape more closely, pat out small bubbles.

The air bubbles will disappear when the air hole sand is tapped or the foot is stepped on

If the grip tape is poor, the bubble can only be pricked with a needle

⑥Check and make sure it is flat

Step 3

Scrape grip tape

Tools -- screwdriver (screwdriver, file, wine bottle, hard strip can be)

① Scrape grip tape along the edge of the skateboard with a screwdriver, scrape until you can see a clear white edge line. When scraping grip tape, it is best to maintain a certain angle of the screwdriver, so that the scraped line will be thin and clear.

/tip/ Slightly jerk up the edge, more conducive to cutting grip tape

Scrape the whole circle until you can see a clear edge line (scraping until white) will be very helpful to cut grip tape.

Step 4

Cut grip tape

Tools - a hobby knife or blade can also be

①Newcomers are recommended to draw a small opening at the footwell at the end of the board, and cut the grip tape into four sections (after proficiency, you can cut with one knife)

/tip/ the foot socket out is the most difficult to grasp, so newcomers are recommended to segment

② After the break, the edge of the grip tape are turned upwards to prevent the edge of the grip tape from sticking to the knife when cutting grip tape. (When cutting, if the knife is stuck to the edge of the grip tape, it is easy to cut the split). You can flip a section (hand over the edge), cut a

③ Start to cut grip tape, one hand to hold the skateboard, one hand to hold the knife, the knife mouth towards themselves

④ Cut the process, to ensure that the board surface is fixed, the angle of the knife is fixed, along the scraped edge line cut. Beginners do not cut very fast, to ensure a low and even speed to advance the knife.

⑤ Cut, the blade against the middle layer of the edge of the skateboard (is the most raised wood layer on the side of the board), keep the angle of the blade, you can ensure that the edge line of the grip tape cut out very smooth, not like a dog chew.


1.Cut when the cut can not be cut, you can check whether the cut to the edge of the board wood inside

Or stuck in something small, back a little, remove the obstruction, and then slowly cut through.

2.After cutting, if you find a defect, you can use the same technique to fix.

Step 5

Sanding the edge of grip tape

Cut the edge of the grip tape with scissors (to prevent the edge of the grip tape from buckling easily)

①Take the grip tape cut off, there is a small piece is good

② Hold your thumb against the grip tape and sand along the edge of the board until the edge of the board is white.

Step 6

Drill holes for bridge pegs

 L-shaped tool, screwdriver

①Poke 8 peg holes from the back of the board with a screwdriver

②Use the cross head of L-shaped tool to rotate the peg holes on the front side of the board (this can grind off the excess grip tape at the peg holes in the picture above)

③Poke holes from the reverse side of the board with a screwdriver (to poke out the excess grip tape), and then poke out the excess grip tape by hand, the nail holes will be clean.

Such a bridge nail hole on the bridge nail, installed bracket is very convenient, and finally installed the skateboard, go out dry.

If the hand is not good, Kunshan Yuhuan still recommend to go to the nearby board store to find professional help to paste the skateboard tape, which can also increase the life of the skateboard tape.

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