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How long does kinesiology tape stay on

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Kinesiology tape is very popular among people who love sports, because kinesiology tape is mainly developed for treating joint and muscle pain. So how long can the kinesiology tape be applied? Next, let's take a look.

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How long does kinesiology tape stay on

Kinesiology tape can be pasted for 8-12 hours, and the specific time depends on your needs. Kinesiology tape is mainly used to relax muscles and promote blood circulation. Compared with the traditional treatment methods such as restriction of movement and compression, or splinting, kinesiology tape can also fix muscles and strained joints, not only does not restrict blood circulation, but can promote blood and lymph circulation, so it is more suitable Prevention of injury or recovery after injury for specific muscle groups. It has significant effects on relieving sports injuries, preventing cramps, increasing endurance and eliminating lactic acid, and improving sports performance.

Kinesiology tape is widely used in sports health and protection, and most of the users are athletes. The medical profession has also begun to apply tape in the treatment of joint diseases. People who do not exercise frequently but have joint pain can also use kinesiology tape to relieve pain and achieve therapeutic effects.

Kinesiology tape is a kind of elastic patch, which has gradually received clinical attention in foreign countries in recent years. It itself is not medicinal like traditional plasters or medicated cloths, so it is not prone to skin allergies or maladaptation. situation. And its most important magical effect comes from its own tensile and elastic design. Whether it is the upper cloth of the tape itself or the lower layer of the glue on the skin, it is designed according to biomechanics and physiological mechanisms, so the quality is good. Bad has a great influence on the effect of treatment.

It is a good thing to love sports, but you also need to protect yourself. Wrist and ankle support are essential. So much is introduced on the question of how long the kinesiology tape can be applied. If you have any other questions, you can also directly click on the link below and directly contact the manufacturer Kunshan Yuhuan online, professional technicians will give you more professional product knowledge.

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