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How to anti slip in the bathroom?

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Slip and fall is a serious threat to human health, whether it is young or old, there are few incidents of injury or death due to slip and fall, the older the probability of death is higher.

News reports of the elderly at home due to slip and fall and accidental injury or death are common, where the elderly slipped in the bathroom due to slippery ground accident is the most common place, so it is necessary to carry out anti-slip treatment in the bathroom for the elderly.


How to prevent slippage in the bathroom?

Anti-slip treatment of the floor.

Many family bathrooms will be very slippery, change the floor tile it, the cost is large, many elderly people and too much trouble, laying non-slip mat it, not very beautiful, cleaning trouble, and for the elderly easily tripped, then how to solve it? Tile anti-slip treatment, the use of anti-slip agent on the surface of the tile anti-slip treatment can achieve a very good anti-slip effect, do not smash the tile, do not change the tile, no pad, to solve the problem of slippery ground tiles.

Stick bathroom anti slip tape

Compared to non-slip mats, bathroom anti slip tape is easier to clean, waterproof, oil-resistant and not easy to slide. PEVA-based anti slip tape is most suitable for sticking in slippery places like bathrooms, bathtubs and pools. Its material is soft, environmentally friendly, stretchable, and its surface can be directly footsteps, will not rub the skin. Universal colors are black, gray, transparent, white, transparent color anti slip tape in the bathtub, bathroom floor, will not affect the beauty. Its general can also be cut into any shape, can also support custom printing patterns, both beautiful and play a non-slip role, really very practical Oh.

In addition to the installation of antislip tape, you also need to improve the bathroom a little, the following aspects if your bathroom has not been installed or noticed, you can improve a little:

Installation of grab bars

Installation of handrails in the bathroom, can give the elderly walking in and out of the bathroom or in the toilet after getting up to lend a hand to grab the handrails to maintain body balance to prevent loss of balance and fall, the general bathroom at least two handrails, installation location can be based on the actual situation of different types of handrails to achieve the convenience of the elderly to grab the handrails, common a word type handrails, L-type handrails, 135 ° type handrails, floor handrails and other handrails.

Squatting toilet to toilet toilet

The vast majority of families in the toilet is squatting, the mainstream of the domestic toilet or squatting toilet, used to a long time is not so fast to accept the toilet toilet, but squatting toilet for the elderly or quite dangerous, squatting for a long time will be numb feet when you get up may lose balance and fall, the family for the safety of the elderly, will be changed to the toilet toilet.

Sensing night light

Some family bathroom doorway is a threshold, the night after may be too dark will be easy to fall, in the bathroom doorway under the front or other corridor dark position to install induction night light, in the night when you pass through the induction luminous illuminate the ground, to prevent the inability to see and accidentally fall.

These are about how to deal with anti-slip in the bathroom, which is also not only beneficial to the elderly, pregnant women, children also have a lot of help, care for the family, starting from the prevention of slippage.


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