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How To Anti Slip On Stairs?

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With the improvement of everyone's living standards, the number of people who buy villas, duplexes, leaps, and staggered properties is increasing, and stairs are the key to such properties. A beautiful staircase how to make the family up and down safely (especially the elderly, children), on this point, is never to be ignored. Any fall and injury is only caused by "slip". Whether it is wooden treads, glass treads, stone treads, metal treads, if you do not add anti-slip treatment, it will certainly suffer losses. So how can stairs be anti-slip? Kunshan Yuhuan tells you several ways.


The danger of slipping and falling

1. Anti-slip groove

Renovation on the edge of the tread part of the grinding groove, can play a non-slip role, this may be a very simple way without adding anything, but do not pay attention to reduce the likely wear and tear on the groove line is very large, and then the groove line will become shallow, reducing the degree of non-slip, and the groove is more difficult to clean.

2. Ladder carpet block non-slip

Some people feel that laying the whole carpet is too wasteful will pick block ladder carpet, ladder carpet is usually glued to the stairs, paving before the stairs to clean, clear good paving position, followed by paving. 2 hours do not step on at will, this way too much trouble few people will pick. 3. carpet non-slip

Pavement carpet despite the high practicality, mostly used in high-grade places, obviously high class, but cleaning is not very convenient. As a family use need to be directional selection.

4. Anti slip tape

On the issue of anti-slip, Yuhuan anti-slip professional launched a series of stair anti-slip tape products, you can put a neatly cut anti-slip tape in the place of the edge of the stair tread, simple and practical good operation anti-slip effect is very good, natural poor quality will appear easy to break, sand, difficult to clean the problem. Anti slip tape series products are; PVC, PET, PEVA, luminous anti-slip tape and other materials, you can choose products according to their needs, to provide you and your family with a safer home environment!



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