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How to apply anti slip tape?

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Anti slip tape is a non-slip product that is often seen and exposed in daily life. Many people make mistakes in the pasting method after purchasing, which directly leads to the reduction of the service life of the anti slip tape, or the problem of edge warping.

Therefore, the method of sticking anti slip tape is a very important part. Today, I will introduce you to the method of using anti slip tape. Let's take a look at the anti slip tape and anti slip stickers!

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Anti slip tape usage scenarios

Notes for installation:

Accurately measure the specification of the total area required to be pasted on the surface of the object to be pasted.

The total area of the sticking object needs to be cleaned. After the surface layer of the sticking object is completely dry, such as dust and dirt, tear off a backing paper at the head of the anti slip tape to fix the starting point of the sticking object, and gradually tear it off. Remove the backing paper and lay down the non-slip tape to level the surface of the object to be affixed.

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How to apply anti slip tape

Put on rubber gloves and tap the surface of the anti slip tape to ensure that there is no gap between the anti slip tape and the object to be attached. In the gap, the tape needs to be broken, pay attention to the non slip tape and the object to be adhered firmly.

Construction method: The surface layer of the construction object must be thoroughly cleaned and tidy, and the surface layer of the object to be attached must be completely dry; break the anti slip tape according to the required specifications and tear off the bottom paper; pave the object surface stably to ensure that the tape and the surface layer of the object Adhere thoroughly; it must be pasted once, without moving it continuously, and no liquid should be allowed to enter within 24 hours; Of course, there are a lot of particularities when choosing non-slip tape, and the material of the non-slip tape should be selected according to different sticking surfaces. In this way, it can play a good anti-slip effect and use it for a longer time.

How to apply anti slip tape. Through the above introduction, everyone should also realize how important it is to apply anti slip tape correctly. If you have any other questions, you can also directly click the link below to get in touch with the manufacturer Kunshan Yuhuan online. Professional and technical personnel will give you a detailed introduction.

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