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How to apply high temperature masking tape?

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The high temperature masking tape is a weather-resistant rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesive coated on one side. Compared with ordinary ones, it has stronger high temperature resistance. The highest temperature of Kunshan Yuhuan high temperature masking tape can reach 120°C/180°C. It has no adhesive residue after peeling off. It has excellent performance and good adhesion. High temperature coatings are used in automobiles and steel. Or plastic device furniture surface spray paint mask, also suitable for electronics, electrical appliances, varistors, circuit boards and other industries. In order to use the high-temperature masking tape correctly, the method of application is also very important. Let us work together on how to apply high temperature masking tape?

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1. When using masking tape, please make sure to clean the adherend and let it dry, otherwise it will affect the adhesiveness of the tape.

2. When using the masking tape, keep a certain tension and not bend the masking tape. Because once the tension of the masking tape is insufficient, it is easy to stick.

3. During use, we can also apply appropriate force to better combine the tape and the adherend.

4. Special attention is not to use any combination of masking tape. This is because the characteristics of different types of tape are different. If mixed, it may cause some serious malfunctions and problems.

5. After use, the tape should be removed quickly to prevent residual glue.

6. Even if the same tape will show different results, the environment and adhesive will be different. Therefore, if you need to use it in large quantities, please try to use it before use and then use it in large quantities.

I hope that the above steps can help you to paste the high temperature masking tape correctly. Sometimes the correct application method can play the actual role of the tape.

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