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How to choose a boob tape?

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Boob tape is made from non-latex 95% cotton 5% elastane rayon and coated with hypoallergenic glue for safer use and a longer life span, this chest tape is most popular in Europe and America. 

It can be used as an invisible bra to enhance your breasts and its unique, latex-free, 100% hypoallergenic adhesive formula will be safe to apply to your skin.

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Features of boob tape :

  • High Quality Material

The boob tape is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, safer than duct or gaffers tape, and the self adhesive bra has a non-woven fabric outer surface and a premium silicone lining. Hypoallergenic, soft and comfortable. They are ergonomically designed to make you feel like wearing nothing.

  • Strong Hold & Adhesion

Our boob lift tape provides a strong, waterproof hold that will last you all night! Our breast lift tape is dance-proof, no worries about it coming loose while out on the dance floor! Escape uncomfortable straps and let your body be free while holding clothing and breasts in place!

  • Multi Use Tape

Our breast lift tape can be used in a variety of other ways! Apply to heels or shoes to prevent uncomfortable rubbing! Apply it to any part of the body to achieve lift and tightening! Wear it with ANY type of clothing & have no worries about anything showing! It's like nothing is there!


The boob tape and the nipplecovers have a strong adhesion and do not fall off easily. And they are waterproof, even though you are wearing it under the water or you sweat a lot, they will keep attached to the body like the second skin.Breathable Breast Lift Tape Athletic Tape Reusable Adhesive Bra for A-E Cup Large Breast.

When choosing a chest tape, we must choose a high quality, hypoallergenic and waterproof tape that will make us feel more comfortable and safe.EONBON chest tape is one of the best choices on the international market.EONBON chest tape has good breathability to support long periods of wear, and the water ripple back design makes it easier to remove the tape from the skin.Kunshan Yuhuan has With 17 years of experience in the manufacture of chest sticker tape, Kunshan Yuhuan is at the forefront of the industry and is a trusted global supplier of products.

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