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How to clean anti slip tape on stairs?

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In daily life, anti slip tape is often used on indoor and outdoor stairs to prevent accidental falls and falls. Although it is very convenient to use, there is a problem that the adhesive marks will be missed after the tape is used, which is annoying. If you use the method to clean the glue marks, it will be very easy to remove. Let's learn together:


Tips for removing glue marks:

1. Hair dryer

When there are not many glue marks, do not tear off that layer of paper first, and then blow on it with a hair dryer. You can take it off after a while, and then wipe it off with a rag!

2. White flower oil

If it is said that it has left a black mark, at this time, you can use the white flower oil in your home to apply it, and then use a rag to gently wipe it, and then rinse it with water. Of course, it is enough. , This method is for those waterproof things.

3. Eraser (wet towel)

If the black mark on the place where you use it is not too big, you can use an eraser at this time, or you can choose to use a wet towel. It is estimated that this method may be the first time you see this kind of scorch mark. One thought of it. Put a wet towel on the marked area and wait until the tape marks are slowly eroded before wiping. Of course, we mentioned it first, it's the place that is not afraid of stickiness.

4. Anhydrous alcohol

Alcohol can also solve the traces of transparent glue, but before using this method, you should first make sure that the wiped area is not afraid of fading. Get up clean, do not stick some alcohol on it, and then slowly wipe the area with glue marks repeatedly until it is wiped off.

5. Dishwashing liquid / nail polish remover

Dishwashing detergent can also effectively remove the traces of transparent glue. The steps and methods used are the same as the above. Ordinary nail polish remover contains certain chemical components, so using it to remove these traces is also good.

The most fundamental thing is the quality of the anti slip tape. It will be better to buy the good quality and cost-effective. Kunshan Yuhuan anti slip tape uses high-quality acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, which is almost no residue after tearing off. Cleaning is very convenient.

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