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How to install anti slip tape?

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As an important measure for ground anti-skid, floor anti slip tape is an indispensable important anti-skid material in anti-skid construction; anti-skid tape is a kind of tape with sand or dark lines on the surface, which uses a coarse and fine surface to achieve the purpose of anti-skid; the base material is general There are PVC, PET, rubber, aluminum foil, etc. The coating is strong, with high stability, durability, high temperature resistance, waterproof, and fast sticking.

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With the development of technology, there are more and more types of non-slip tapes, and the effects that can be achieved after use are also varied. If the correct installation method is not found, the use effect will not be as expected. Some people will report that the anti slip tape is easy to warp, not sticky, and easy to fall off. So let us learn how to install non-slip tape together.

How to install anti slip tape

It is also very important to choose the appropriate anti-slip tape and the adhesive force of the anti slip tape before installation, and you need to choose according to your own use area. Many people overlook one step, which is to clean the floor before sticking the anti slip tape to wipe off the excess dirt and dust. Let Kunshan Yuhuan teach you how to paste it correctly!

Step 1: Clean the ground and keep it dry

Step 2: Cut the appropriate tape with scissors

Step 3: Use a roller to expel the air when pasting

Step 4: Heat with a hair dryer, and beat with a rubber hammer, press firmly


1. Use the hair dryer when the temperature is lower than 20℃

2. Cut the right angle of the tape into an angle

3. There are gaps can be left, not hollowing out can increase life

With these methods, you no longer have to worry about sticking the non-slip tape on the edge immediately~~ I hope it can be helpful to you.


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