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How to install butyl seal tape?

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Butyl seal tape is a very strong repairing tape with good sealing performance. Although it looks like an adhesive, it is not. Butyl seal tape cannot be used as an independent structural sealant, it can maintain flexibility for many years. Butyl seal tape has good waterproof performance and is suitable for RVs, trailers, boats, RVs, roofs, etc. Butyl seal tape provides excellent sealing behind doors and windows. Ideal for sealing vents. Installation is convenient and quick, without any gaps. Let us learn how to install butyl seal tape together:

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Tips for installing butyl seal tape:

1. The first step is to make preparations before use to ensure that the on-site working conditions meet the installation requirements:

(1) The bonding base surface is clean and free of oil, dirt, water, water vapor.

(2) In order to ensure the bonding strength, the base surface temperature is above 5°C, and special low-temperature environment can be specially produced.

(3) Do not use it at the same time with waterproof materials containing organic substances such as benzene, toluene, methanol, ethylene, and silica gel. To

The second step is to clean the area where the tape needs to be pasted. If there are stubborn stains on the surface, you can use a cleaning agent to clean it to keep the base surface dry and free of dust.

The third step is to tear off the protective film and align it with the sticking part for bonding. After pasting, gently tap the butyl tape from top to bottom with the palm of your hand to expel the air while ensuring the firmness of the pasting.

The fourth step is to place the sample with butyl tape in the sun or in a ventilated place, and it can be used normally after 24 hours.

In short, when using butyl tape, everyone must remember to ensure that the ambient temperature is above 5 degrees Celsius, and the place to be applied is clean and hygienic. After it is applied, it can be compacted with the palm of the hand.


Read the performance indicators of the tape carefully before installation to make it suitable for the ambient temperature and humidity during installation.

According to different usage scenarios, different types and sizes of butyl tape are used.

The above is the installation of butyl sealing tape. Is it simple and easy to operate? If you have a place to be repaired, you can also use Kunshan Yuhuan butyl seal tape in corners. It does not harden or dry, remains flexible and has excellent sealing performance. Adhesion increases over time, and it is also suitable for narrow corners, unusual curves, and textured surfaces.


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