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How to install butyl tape

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Butyl tape is a blend of butyl rubber raw materials. According to a special production formula, a polymer waterproof material is selected and an adhesive sealing material is produced through a special process. So how to install butyl tape, and what are the matters needing attention? Let's take a look and learn.

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The construction method of the roof gutter: 1. After installing the prefabricated gutter, clean the cement surface of the parapet above the gutter and apply the base treatment agent. 2. After the primary treatment agent is solidified, install the flooding board. 3. Clean the flashing board, paste butyl tape on the joint between the flashing board and the cement wall, and squeeze in order.

Note: 1. The construction of butyl tape should be within a suitable temperature range. 2. Pay attention to clean up or wipe clean during butyl tape construction. Keep the surface of the base layer dry and free of floating soil. 3. After construction, the adhesion between the butyl tape and the base layer cannot be torn or peeled off. 4. Different types and sizes of butyl tape can be selected according to the needs during construction.

Construction method: For steel structure roofing: 1. First, select the required specifications and sizes according to the metal version or the gap of the joints, the density of the joints, and the design requirements. 2. Wipe clean the joints of the metal plates during construction. 3. Starting from one end of the metal plate, slowly open the butyl tape along the seam in a straight line and stick the butyl tape to the overlap of the lower metal plate. And gently press to make it bond with the metal firmly.

The installation method and precautions of butyl tape, I hope it can be helpful to you. For details, you can also directly click the link below, and contact the manufacturer Kunshan Yuhuan online for consultation. Now it is available for 5cm wide, 10cm wide, and 15cm wide. It can also be customized on demand. There are also printed and glossy butyl tapes, factory direct sales, complete specifications, please contact us for details.

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