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How to Make a Shower Floor Less Slippery?

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Home improvement is a part of a home buyer's life that cannot be lacking. Well, having some basic knowledge of interior decoration is indispensable! The water vapor of the bathroom interior space is large, wet and cold characteristics of the decision that it must be carried out to patch anti-slip solution. Therefore, the anti-slip solution of the bathroom is very critical to avoid residents from accidental falls and negative injuries during the application. Have you ever fallen down regularly because of slippery shower room floor, so how to make the floor of the shower room not so slippery? Let's learn together next!


Types of anti-slip raw materials for bathroom flooring

Due to more water vapor, water demand, bathroom pavement building decoration materials are generally floor tiles, floor tiles are not non-slip lies in the bathroom floor tiles sliding friction size. Under general conditions, the anti-slip performance of the room inland tile type surface generally has a convex and concave texture or other shapes, which in turn makes the floor tile has a certain sense of non-smooth, in order to expand the tile surface and the sliding friction of the customer's feet, with the effectiveness of anti-slip.

Bathroom floor tiles in the glazed tile slip resistance in general, despite the low water absorption, but the surface was polished into a mirror glass actual effect, glazed tile sliding friction is not much, and water absorption is strong, more slippery after encountering water; glazed tile non-slip tile type of slip resistance is weak, through the polishing process surface bright and smooth, slip resistance is poor, not recommended to be installed in the cabinet and other indoor space with high provisions for slip resistance; glazed tile slip resistance Good, generally will choose this kind of brick as anti-slip brick. Its through the rock layer of slag Kor pressure inhibition and become, the surface without glaze is not smooth, smoothness is generally good, anti-slip performance; glazed tile anti-slip good, surface firing glaze solution glazed tile stain resistant work ability, anti-slip although not as good as glazed tile, but far more than glazed tile and glazed tile; mosaic tile anti-slip is also very good, the tile personal layering is small, block and block in the middle of a certain gap, and thus improve anti-slip performance.

Application of  shower anti slip tape

Shower Anti slip tape made of hard solid durable silicon carbide granular material, rough surface, increase the traction and friction between the sole and the smooth floor, strong acrylic backing can be quickly bonded, can adhere well to many surfaces that are not easy to adhere to, and thus achieve a good anti-slip practical effect. When choosing to buy, you also need to pay attention to one more issue, on the choice of substrate, you need to choose the PEVA-based anti slip tape, its surface is three-dimensional dark pattern, soft and comfortable, odorless, and waterproof, water will not produce any changes to its adhesion. Unlike the common anti slip tape, its surface is not rough and gritty, and will not rub the skin. It can create a safe and comfortable space for your family to get wet, reduce the occurrence of falls, and add a safety for your family and children.

How to make the shower floor less slippery, I hope the above introduction can help you, if you have any questions about anti-slip, you can mouse click the link below to get in touch with us online, we will provide you with anti-slip solutions.

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