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How To Protect Students From Slippery Floors?

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In daily life, in order to better enhance the ground anti-slip, to prevent people from slipping accidents, the ground anti-slip treatment has become more and more perfect, and more and more diverse ways, in which the school ground anti-slip more widely. As we all know, people to adolescents and children will appear close to two-thirds of the time spent in school, the school as the cultivation of talent shaking blue, carrying too many expectations and obligations, the campus road safety has long become a network of people from all walks of life concerned about the hot spot.


School road surface mud unbearable cause fall and other accidents on television appeared in the number of times, if not immediately carry out the school ground slippery floor anti-skid solution, whether it is a student slip and fall, or teachers slip and fall, for the school is all loss-making deal, the front one to pay, the latter one to raise workplace accidents, and even other more serious adverse effects. From the above, we can see that the ground anti-slip problem has been urgent, need to quickly find a way to deal with the ground slippery, and simple and easy to install.

If you are choosing, anti slip tape anti slip sticker is the ideal choice, it belongs to the self-adhesive ground tape, back with a backing paper, a tear that paste, strong adhesion, firm and not displaced, easy to use and easy to remove and replace, a variety of materials, there are comfortable peva material is also frosted pvc, pet material, a variety of sizes, support custom, complete specifications.

Anti-slip tape correct paste method is as follows.

1. Clean the floor, keep the ground dry

2. Measure the required length and cut

3. uncover the tape backing paper, paste flat. When you encounter a gap, you can break the tape, empty the gap, so as not to blister and increase the service life

4. Use a roller or a small wooden hammer to expel the air from the contact surface of the tape and the ground.

5. Heat up the tape with a hair dryer and use a tool to tap and compact it.

Do not move for 24 hours.

Note: The location where the paste is found to be incorrect can be quickly torn off and reapplied, do not touch the backing with your hands to avoid affecting the adhesive.

The above is about how to protect students from slippery floors, I hope it can help you, if you have any other questions related to anti-slip, you can click the link below, contact us online.


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