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How to Remove Anti Slip Tape?

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Anti slip tape is now a common way to deal with anti-slip in life, of course, the use of long will wear, you need to replace the new anti slip tape replacement, so how do we remove the tape without harming the surface of the object to be attached and will not leave adhesive marks, let us learn together how to remove anti slip tape:

How to remove the anti-slip tape?

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Tools needed to prepare: hair dryer or heat gun, plastic blade or card, rubber, turpentine, wetting agent, adhesive cleaner, alcohol, rags

1. First use your fingers to remove a corner, if your fingers do not have nails to remove, you can use a plastic blade or card (credit card) to remove it first, then hold it tightly in your hand and slowly pull up the non-slip tape, so that the free part remains perpendicular to the original installation surface, the glass is attached.

2. If you find it difficult to pull up when you almost reach the end, you may consider using a hair dryer or heat gun on the remaining tape that is pulled up, if it is something that can be properly heated, the proper heat can also help clean up and remove it easily.

If you find that the object is not completely cleaned up, there are still residual adhesive on the surface, you can use the following methods.

1, you can use common tools in life, such as erasers, but you dry directly on the above wipe, or need some wetting agent or solvent, then wipe with a cloth to remove.

2, turpentine: it is the brush wash used when painting. We can use a paper towel to stick some brush wash in the place where there are glue marks to wipe, after a while you can use a cloth to remove.

3、Adhesive thinner: spray it on the top of the glue marks, wait for complete wetting, and then wipe with a cloth.

4、Alcohol: the same method of operation as the adhesive, but need to pay attention to the use of the surface will not be corroded.

5, hair dryer: this method is also commonly used, using the principle of heating the adhesive to make it easier to fall off.

The above explains how to remove the anti-slip tape, as well as how to make the removal of residual adhesive marks, the adhesive of the tape needs to be removed with some caution, for these common methods in life, I believe that can help a lot of people, the methods explained above, in life can be tested several times, because not the method in the use of a few years have a certain convenience. Of course, you can also pick the glue quality when buying Kunshan Yuhuan anti slip tape, the manufacturer has made further upgrades to the glue formula, when removing, will not leave too much residual glue, almost can reach no residual glue, so it is more convenient to remove, will not let you have a large area of residual glue distress.

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