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How To Remove Double-sided Tape On Different Occasions?

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Double-sided adhesive tape is very sticky and although this is a great advantage, it can be difficult to remove after use, leaving unsightly glue marks which are also very unattractive. Inevitably, there will be times when you want to remove the double-sided tape after use, so how exactly do you remove it without leaving adhesive marks? How should double-sided tape be removed for different occasions? Let's learn how to remove it!


Tips for removing adhesive marks.

1、Pasted on a smooth surface

If it is pasted on a smooth surface of the double-sided tape, you can use a knife to scrape off little by little. If you feel that this is too slow to scrape off, the home has a hair dryer heated while blowing off can be.

2, Above the carton bag

Double-sided tape on top of the carton bag, you can use a hair dryer slightly heated, never too hot, and then tear off little by little with your hands, do not use a sharp knife, otherwise it will be scratched, more difficult to remove.

3, Plastic bags on top of the

Plastic bags on top of the double-sided tape, the removal of the time should not use a hair dryer, too hot instead will make the plastic bag deformation, and plastic bags are more fragile, but also not suitable for repeated tearing, it is best to use some force at once, and then tear off.

4, The top of household appliances

Household appliances above if accidentally pasted double-sided tape, must use a rag or other items to clean up, do not use sharp props, not to use the hair dryer, otherwise prone to danger.

Different occasions of double-sided tape, the method of removal is different, but the preparation of tools hair dryer and blade basically can remove most of the adhesive mark, adhesive mark removal is very troublesome process, so we still think clearly after the paste, so as to avoid future cleaning difficulties. I hope that the above methods can help you, if you also need to know more with tape related issues, you can use the mouse to click the link below, contact us online.

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