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How to remove reflective tape from vehicle

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Many countries have promulgated relevant policies, and relevant models must be affixed with reflective signs on the body, because these reflective tapes can greatly improve the safety of driving at night and reduce accidents. In addition, in the annual vehicle inspection, reflective tape is also one of the items that must be inspected. However, there are often card friends who fail the annual inspection because of the irregular reflective tape. The importance of reflective tape is therefore reflected. Users often ask how to remove reflective tape from vehicle when the rear tape is worn and needs to be replaced?

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How to remove reflective tape from vehicle

The best method is high temperature. Higher temperatures can melt the adhesive and lose its viscosity, so it can be easily removed. Of course, before removing the reflective stickers on the vehicle, we need to prepare a high-power hair dryer and a power inverter, so that some traces can be easily removed, but the high temperature time must not be too long, and the adjustment can be done in a short time.

How to remove reflective tape from vehicle:

1. Before removing the reflective tape of the vehicle, clean the car first, wipe it clean and then remove it, which is helpful to find the residual glue around the sticker. And the cleaned water will bring us unnecessary troubles, we must wipe it off

2. After cleaning and wiping, use a hair dryer to heat it. You can use a hot air cylinder dedicated to sticking anti-riot film to heat a certain corner and use a rubber squeegee to lift the tape.

3. Slowly pull it, and then use hot air to aim at the junction between the sticker and the body, blow and pull it, and pull it down gently.

The above is how to remove reflective tape from vehicle. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any other questions, you can also directly click on the link below to get in touch with the manufacturer Kunshan Yuhuan online.


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