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How to slip on slippery and slippery ground?

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When it rains, our ground will often slip easily. At this time, it is very important to do anti-skid treatment. Do you know how to do anti-skid treatment on smooth ground? Next, let's take a look at how to do anti-skid treatment on smooth ground. 

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How to do anti-skid treatment on smooth ground

How to do a good anti-skid treatment on the ground?Use anti slip tape to effectively prevent the ground.

The anti slip tape is a new type of non-slip treatment. The anti slip tape is made of PVC/PET substrate covered with quartz sand/ emery/alumina sand/PEVA rubber, coated with acrylic oil glue, in a variety of colors, black, yellow, white , Blue, gray, red, brown, fluorescent color, transparent, luminous, black/yellow (please contact customer service for printing), product size can be customized. Its application principle is that when the grit/skin-friendly three-dimensional dark lines on the surface touch the sole of the foot, the friction is increased, so as to achieve the anti-skid intent, and the friction coefficient is increased. The anti-skid effect is particularly obvious on the wet and smooth ground, and it will not damage the surface of the paste. In terms of usage, it is simple and convenient. The anti slip tape is a self-adhesive tape with a release backing paper. Just tear off the backing paper and stick it on a slippery and slippery ground that needs slip resistance. It can be fixed for 24 hours. Just leave it alone. Compared with the traditional anti-skid treatment method, it is convenient and fast, saves labor, and can complete the construction with one.

How to slip on slippery and slippery ground? If you need a product that is convenient, fast and labor-saving, you can choose anti slip tape, which is easy to operate and easy to use, and it is also well received by users! If you need to order or are interested in this tape, you can directly click on the link below to contact the manufacturer Kunshan Yuhuan online.

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