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How to stick reflective tape

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Reflective tape is a kind of tape that can reflect and fluoresce when encountering light or light in the dark and night, which serves as a warning and reminder. Used in roads, cars, ships, stages, various passages, etc. Do you all know how to attach the reflective film?

Next, as the manufacturer, Kunshan Yuhuan Package Materials Co., Ltd. will explain it to you.

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How to stick the reflective tape?

The tools that need to be prepared are: wipes, scrapers

1. Clean the area that needs to be pasted. There should be no oil or dust. Keep it dry. If there is oil or dirt, use a soft cloth dipped in a degreasing solvent or cleaning agent to remove it, and then paste it after drying.

2. Determine the position that needs to be pasted, and cut the size specifications that need to be used.

3. Under normal circumstances, slowly stick it on one side, scrape it flat with a tool, and peel off the bottom paper.

4. If the area that needs to be pasted is not large, you can also tear off the transparent transfer film and stickers before pasting. But be careful not to fold it.

5. After sticking, use the scraper to scrape it several times after sticking to make sure it is flat and there is no separation or protrusion from the surface to be stuck.

6. Observe carefully after applying the tape. Whether the color is uniform, whether there are debris and air bubbles.

The above is how to stick the reflective tape. Is it simple and easy to operate? Hurry up and learn. If you have any questions about the product, you can directly click on the link below to get in touch with the manufacturer Kunshan Yuhuan online. The manufacturer has professional staff. 1V1 will answer you online and respond quickly. , To reduce your waiting time.


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