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How to tell if the reflective tape is good or bad

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Usually, after buying reflective tape, I don’t know the quality, nor can I judge whether the reflective tape I bought is or not. How do I distinguish it at this time? At this time, you can use light to illuminate the reflective tape in a dark place to determine whether there is a reflective effect. The quality is good or bad, you can let the seller parameter.

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First of all, we must understand the use of reflective tape. Reflective tape, also known as reflective warning tape, is mainly a kind of warning tape that can reflect light beams and fluorescence in a dark environment or at night when exposed to light or light. The tape is a reflective tape. The substrate, after being coated with hot melt adhesive, has a strong reflective effect. This product has the characteristics of anti-sneak, non-fading and so on. Reflective tape mainly serves as a warning and reminder.

When choosing a reflective tape, you should choose one with parameters. There are many types of reflective stickers. If you are interested in this tape, you can directly click on the link below to contact us online.

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