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How to use carpet tape?

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Carpet non-slip tape is a tape used in the middle of the carpet and the floor, increasing the friction between the carpet and the floor, preventing the carpet from sliding and reducing safety hazards. This tape is made of TPU as the base material, coated with high tack adhesive and release paper on the back, easy to use, no residual adhesive, stable viscosity on both sides, high tensile strength, strong adhesion and adaptability.

Why should I use anti-slip tape for carpets?

To keep our rooms clean, we often lay a carpet in our bedrooms, doorways and bathrooms, but when there is water or other things underneath the carpet, the carpet will slide around and can be a major safety hazard. We often see people using glue or double-sided tape to fix the carpet, but this can have a big disadvantage, when we need to change the position of the carpet or replace the carpet, we will encounter a lot of trouble, the carpet will be difficult to remove from the floor, and there will be a lot of glue residue, so we need a non-slip tape instead of glue and double-sided tape, carpet anti-slip is a very popular product nowadays, it can both It's a very popular product nowadays, it's non-slip and doesn't leave a residue on the floor.

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How to use non-slip carpet tape?

  1. Before applying the carpet tape, make sure that the back of the carpet is free of dust to ensure the best results.

  2. Turn the carpet upside down with the back side facing us and cut a length of carpet tape to fit the size of the carpet edge.

  3. Remove the release paper from the back of the tape and place the glued side on the back of the carpet, with the unglued side facing the floor.

  4. Once the tape is applied, press the surface of the tape with your hand to make a tighter fit between the adhesive and the carpet for better results. When you have finished, turn the carpet upside down and you can use it directly.

When choosing carpet non-slip tape for your home and work, be sure to choose a product that uses a high quality adhesive that will adhere more firmly to your carpet. EONBON carpet non-slip tape is one of the best choices on the international market, EONBON muscle stick tape uses a high tack adhesive for strong adhesion and high tensile strength without any residue. If you would like to find out more please contact me now.

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