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How To Use Masking Tape?5 Features And 4 Precautions!

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The masking tape is made of masking and pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive on the masking. On the other hand, it is also coated with rolled tape to prevent sticking. It has features such as high temperature resistance, good chemical solvent resistance type, high adhesion, soft garment adhesion and tearing without residue. The industry is often referred to as a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape with a beautiful masking finish.


According to the classification of masking tape also has the following uses

1. High temperature masking (temperature resistance 120/180 degrees): high temperature spray paint, baking paint, electronics industry, etc.

2. Normal temperature masking (temperature resistance 60 degrees): room temperature decoration spray paint cover, lightweight wrapping, fixed lightweight objects, lint removal, packaging, etc.

3. Medium temperature masking (temperature resistance 80 degrees): car spray paint cover, baking paint coating masking, etc.

Characteristics of masking tape

1. Fine patterned masking backing, one corner of the tape does not break

2. After using the whole tape, backfill, dense material, good solvent resistance, easy to tear, not easy to break

3. Anti-adhesive backing material, small and uniform rewind force, no excessive unwinding, easy to use on professional masking cutter with patterned masking

4. Special rubber adhesive, good initial adhesion, and good bonding, easy to adhere to various surfaces

5. Can cover the film, cover masking firmly fixed in the required position to avoid sliding, fall off.

Precautions for the use of masking adhesive

1. Adhesive should be kept dry and clean, otherwise it will affect the adhesive tape and effect

2. Apply a certain force to make the tape and adhesive get a good combination

3. When the function is finished, please peel off the tape as soon as possible to avoid residual glue phenomenon

4. The tape does not have anti-UV function, avoid sunlight exposure, residual glue phenomenon

5. Different environments and different adhesives, the same tape will show different results; such as glass. Please try metal, plastic, etc.

Discriminate whether the high temperature masking tape is high quality


High quality high temperature beautiful masking tape color soft and uniform, there will be no color confusion stacking and mixing of mixed colors, and for high quality beautiful masking there will be no residual glue and glue.


For the quality of the beautiful masking itself, this tensile strength is very strong, with good tensile strength, fracture will not appear after a long time and easy to fracture.


It not only has its own tensile strength and unfolding force, but also in use will be pulled out and shaken a few times, it is very sticky and will not easily slip off.


There is a reason for why the quality of premium masking is high quality, because the stickiness and staying power retention is very high. So, basically, you can feel it after you get it.

5. Smell

This method will surely be used by few people, but it is also a method, then I can introduce it, by the way, generally some manufacturers to reduce costs, will use some non-compliant operation in the use of mixed dissolved gas and acid agent, so you will smell a lot of odor to the high temperature masking tape, so according to the law is to dissolve the toluene, and by some environmental safety treatment. Therefore there is not much irritating smell.

The above is about how to use the masking tape, as well as its 5 characteristics and four precautions, I hope it can help you, if you still have any questions about the masking tape, you can mouse click the link below, contact us online!

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