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How to use mueller kinesiology tape?

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The Muller kinesiology tape was developed by Japanese physician KenzoKase. It has been about 20 years now. It is different from the kinesiology tape often used in general sports. Because the sports belt is not flexible, its main function is to fix and protect. The kinesiology tape has Flexibility, its effect is mainly to use the viscoelastic properties and mechanical direction of the tape, in conjunction with the principles of myogenesis and biomechanics, to give specific muscles to strengthen or relax treatment. 

In addition, the viscosity and elasticity of the kinesiology tape and the water ripple shape of the viscose will affect the direction of the skin through the density difference of the tape when pasting, increase the gap between the skin and the muscle, and then affect the flow direction of the subcutaneous fascia tissue. The fascial system can have sufficient permeability and circulation to improve lymphatic and blood circulation, so that our fascial system can help our body remove many fatigue metabolites, pain products, and metabolites left by inflammatory reactions. , Internal small bleeding, etc., while maintaining the free movement of the limbs, to achieve the effect of curing diseases. How to use Mueller Kinesiology Tape?

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How to use Mueller Kinesiology Tape?

Basic clipping shape and corresponding description


Swelling paste method:

The use of kinesthetic tape octopus sticking method can increase the flow of body fluid under the skin and accelerate the swelling.


"Y" tape to relieve back muscle pain:

Tape one side along the starting part of the muscle (along the spine), one side follows the muscle to the outside, and tape symmetrically on both sides of the spine.


"Inverted Y" type taping to make the neck muscles no longer stiff:

One end is fixed at the beginning of the trapezius muscle at the upper end of the neck, the two branches of "Y" go to the outside along the trapezius muscle, and the pink "one" patch in the middle can fix the "Y" patch and at the same time it can be diagonally opposite. The middle part of the square muscle is treated.


Tailor the tape according to local conditions:

When applying kinesiology tape, we also need to tailor the tape according to the specific part of the sticking. For large muscle parts, we can use wide tape, and for small muscle parts, I can apply the intramuscular effect. Tailor it to a specific position of the body.

For example, when plantar fasciitis occurs, we can cut and bifurcate the internal muscle effect patch to adapt to the structure of the plantar metatarsal.

How to use the Muller Kinesiology Tape, please refer to the above method of use. If you have other methods of use, you can also directly click on the link below to contact Kunshan Yuhuan online and give us feedback. The same if you have other If you have any questions or want to order, you can also contact us directly. As a manufacturer, we support customization and design packaging.


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