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How to use nano tape

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Compared with other ordinary double sided tapes, nano tape has a beautiful appearance, stronger adhesion, no residue after tearing off, and can be reused after washing, so it is a good substitute for the hook, and it is a good solution to the problem of sticking. The problem of falling.

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Magic Nano Tape is made of PU gel. Use nanotechnology. It is durable, self-adhesive on both sides, transparent, no residue, detachable and washable.

This double sided tape is equipped with a strong permanent adhesive to resist gravity. It is weather resistant and can achieve long-lasting bonding indoors and outdoors.

Nano tape is very easy to use and will not leave anything when it is torn off. It can slide smoothly and cut cleanly, just where you want it, so there is no waste. It can be applied to any type of surface: wood, plastic, glass, marble, etc. 

Due to its excellent adhesion and excellent water resistance, it may be the best tape you have ever used. Of course, if you want the effect to be good, you must use it properly. Next, let's take a look at the use of nano tape!

Nano tape can be used as usual double-sided tape to keep the surface of the posted object clean, and then glue it. Details as belows:

1. Clean the surface of the post to prevent oil, water and dust from affecting its adhesion;

2. Then tear off the white release paper and fix it on the clean surface. You need to post it from top to bottom, and then press it quietly to exhaust all the air on the fixed surface, and the effect will be better.

3. Pull open the transparent film and post the items that need to be put on the removable surface.

If you have any questions about nano tape, you can click on the link below to get in touch with the manufacturer Kunshan Yuhuan online, and professional technicians will give you more professional answers.

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